Parlett Provisions is Leveling Up!

There are some big changes happening at Parlett. Improvements like updated packaging, a fresh new logo, new name "Parlett Nutrition" and expanded ambassador team are just a few of the recent transformations. One thing that isn’t going to change is Parlett’s 7 year commitment to producing the highest quality nutritional supplements available and making sure they are all sustainably sourced, organic and healthy. Every product Parlett Nutrition sells will still be tested, used daily and proudly endorsed by the Parlett brothers and their ambassador team. Here’s a quick example of that commitment. We source vanilla beans directly from Madagascar because nobody else in the entire industry is using or selling anything except synthetic vanilla extract. Pissed off that there wasn’t even a choice, we’re making our own. Just like we always have and always will.

Why all the changes? We built this business on the idea of constant improvement. Striving to do more, live more and be more while inspiring others to do the same. In order to continue pursuing that purpose, we needed to take our own advice and choose to improve. Beginning with the realization that nutritional supplements and the companies that sell them have always been overly masculine, dominated by gym culture and exclusive to high-level athletes, bodybuilders and CrossFit competitors. We plan on leading the way forward by changing this perception and providing a new cultural standard. Nutritional supplements, when used correctly, can benefit everyone. It’s important to us that the Parlett brand and name continue to reflect this ethos of total health and positive inclusivity.

What’s our vision for Parlett Nutrition in 2020 and beyond? We plan on integrating Parlett’s nutritional supplements and their health benefits with a new group of multi-generational, active outdoor enthusiasts. Focusing on enhancing their performance, lifestyle and longevity, regardless of age, gender, experience level or activity. We also understand that whey protein isn’t for everyone, which is why we’re adding an organic, naturally flavored plant based protein to the Parlett line-up.

This is our promise for the future. Parlett’s premium line of organic products; Whey Protein, Plant-Based Protein, Fish Oil, Vitamin D, and Magnesium will always ensure you perform at your best, no matter who you are or what you want to accomplish. Whether you are fueling for performance, replacing meals, or balancing daily nutrition, Parlett Nutrition is here to help.


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