Jamie Sterling - Parlett Provisions Ambassador

BORN: 1981

AGE: 37 years old

HOME: North Shore, Oahu

INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/jamie.sterling/

STANCE: Goofyfoot


WEIGHT: 150 lbs.

HOBBIES: Cooking, Crossfit, Yoga, Beach runs, Polo, Mountain Biking, and traveling.

FAVORITE WAVES: Pipeline, Teahupoo, Phantoms, Puerto Escondido, Waimea Bay, and Jaws.

GOALS: To travel the world in search of perfect waves while guiding clients. Get back on the Big Wave World Tour, Win another Big Wave World Tour Title. Win the Eddie Aikau Waimea Bay.

Jamie Sterling is born and raised on the North Shore of O’ahu in Hawaii. A professional big wave surfer since the age of 16, he travels the world in search of the biggest waves. Jamie obtained the Big Wave World Champion title for 2010-2011. With a strong dedication to his sport, he is the first to share how much goodness and focus Crossfit and Yoga brings into his surfing and everyday life. His global connections in the surf industry as well as his innate passion for the ocean allow him to guide guests in some of the most exotic and remote places on Earth such as the fabled North Shore of O’ahu & Puerto Escondido Mexico. He teaches all levels of surfing from first timers to coaching professional competitive surfers.

Contest Results

  • 2011 WSL Big Wave WorldTour Champion!
  • 2013 1st place Nelscott Reef Big Wave WSL
  • 5th place 2011 Pico Alto, Big Wave World Tour WSL
  • 3rd place Nellscott Reef, Oregon Big Wave World Tour
  • 1st place 2010’s Pico Alto, Peru Big Wave World Tour
  • 4th place 2010’s Pichelimu Chile Big Wave World Tour
  • 1st place 2006’s El Gringo Master’s Tube Riding Arica, Chile
  • 2006’s Billibong XXL performer of the year
  • Eddie Aikau Quiksilver Invitee since 2002
  • 3rd place '08 Maverick's Surf Contest
  • 4th place '06 Red Bull Dungeons Big Wave Event.
  • Surfline Best Performance Award '06 Billabong XXL Awards.
  • 2nd place '05 Big Buey Surf Challenge.
  • 12th place '04 Aikau.
  • 6th place '03 Red Bull Dungeons Big Wave Event.
  • 4th place in 2003’s Hansen Pipeline Pro
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